Group tour to Mount Sinai and St. Catherine Monastery from Sharm El Sheikh

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Duration: 15 hours approx
Available: Sunday - Wednesday - Friday from 20:30
Type: Group tour

The trip of Mount Sinai and St. Catherine's Monastery is one of the cultural and religious trips in Sharm El-Sheikh that attract visitors of different nationalities to visit the holy sites in Sinai. The trip includes climbing Mount Moses, receiving the sunrise from the top of the mountain and visiting St. Catherine's Monastery.

Trip to Mount Sinai and St. Catherine Monastery from Sharm El Shiekh

  • Relgious group tour
  • Hike Sinai Mountain and watch sunrise
  • Trekking the mountain is about 4 hours
  • Visit the St. Catherine Monaserty 
  • Pick up and drop off from Sharm El Sheikh hotels
Sub Dot N.B the trip requires endurance and some physical fitness. In winter months heavy clothes are recommeded scarfs and gloves)
 Monastery of St Catherine is closed during public holidays
Passport should be available with you

From USD 65

احجز الآن

The trip of Mount Moses and the Monastery of Saint Catherine is one of the famous excursions in Sharm el-Sheikh, Jabal Musa (Mount Sinai) is located in the middle of South Sinai, 230 km from the city of Sharm el-Sheikh, and it was called Jabal Musa in relation to the Prophet of God Musa Ali Al-Salam who spoke to a goddess from the highest mountain Receiving the Ten Commandments according to all the divine religions, the length of Mount Moses is 2285 meters.
The trip to Mount Moses and the Monastery of St. Catherine is considered by many tourists as a pilgrimage. Visitors of different nationalities come every year to perform the Hajj on Mount Moses, and it is said that everyone who climbs to the top of the mountain and receives the sunrise, God forgives him for every sin.

Saint Catherine's Monastery is considered one of the oldest monasteries in the world, built in 545 AD on the order of Empress Helen, mother of Emperor Constantine, Saint Catherine's Monastery is located to the west of Mount Moses. In the monastery of Saint Catherine there is: the hanging tree that grows in its place only as the monks tried to plant it several times outside the monastery and it did not grow, the well of our master Moses, which is the well that our master Moses used to fill water for the girls to help them, a mosque built in the Fatimid era so that the monastery would not be exposed For demolition in the Islamic era, a historic church with many gifts from kings and princes, in addition to icons and the remains of Saint Catherine, a manuscript library that is considered the second largest library of manuscripts after the Vatican.

A trip to Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine's Monastery is available three times a week (Sunday, Wednesday, Friday), at 08:30 pm. Depart from the hotel,  in an air-conditioned bus and head to Mount Moussa and St. Catherine's Monastery, the distance is 230 km from Sharm El-Sheikh (About two and a half hours by bus with a stop to rest in the middle of the road) During the period of going from Sharm El-Sheikh to Mount Moussa, the tour guide explains to you the itinerary with an interesting explanation of the story of Our Master Moses and the Monastery of Saint Catherine, arriving at the café next to the Monastery of Saint Catherine to take some time Rest and preparation for climbing Mount Musa, the length of the mountain is 2,285 meters (about 6 km), half of the road is on foot and the other half is climbing stairs (750 ladders) Along Mount Musa there are a number of cafes for rest and drinking tea or coffee, when climbing at the foot of The mountain must wait to receive the sunrise, a breathtaking view that captures the hearts of its splendor and beauty, after that go down from the mountain and return to the café next to the monastery and have breakfast, the Monastery of Saint Catherine opens the gate for visitors at 09:00 in the morning, entering the monastery Saint Catherine, watching the hanging tree, see our master Moses, a library of the brain Tooths and icons, a mosque, a church with many icons and the remains of Saint Catherine. After visiting St. Catherine's Monastery, return to Sharm El-Sheikh at 02:00 - 3:00 pm approx in the afternoon


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Air-conditioned bus
Local guide during climb of mountain
Hotel pick up and drop off
Saint Catherine Reserve tickets

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